Trevor Crouch - IFBB Professional a.k.a The Shadow

Trevor Crouch IFBB Pro

The huge physique of man mountain Trevor Crouch

Trevor Crouch works his back on the machine row   The Shadow spreads his wings!!

Stats: Height 5ft 11inch
Off Season Weight 20St 7lbs / 287lbs
Contest Weight 18St 2lbs / 254 lbs
Chest 58 inches
Arms 22 1/2 inches (cold)
Waist 34 Inches
Legs 32 inches

Best Lifts: Squat 660 lbs for 4/5 reps
Bench press 500 lbs for reps
Dead lift an unbelievable 800 lbs!!


Trevor Crouch - Heavyweight and overall winner of the 2001 WFBB Championships. This man is absolutely huge, and must have the biggest back in British bodybuilding today. Trevor is currently recovering from an injured ligament in his lower back, so is unsure yet as to when he will make his pro debut. The American pro's better get ready though, because the shadow is coming for them! Trevor is also a movie actor and has even starred in the film Snatch, where he played a night club doorman. Trevor is available for guest posing, photo shoots and seminars. Trevor can be contacted via by emailing: