Darren Ball

Daz Ball Bodybuilder


For Darren there is no "off season" he's in shape all year round!

Motivational Phrase

'I get knocked down, but I get up again!'

Daz is available for guest posing, seminars, and photo shoots. He can be contacted via this website, by emailing him at: info@british-bodybuilding.co.uk

Height Off Season Weight Contest weight
5ft 10 inches 19St 10lbs/276 lbs 18st 7lbs/260lbs

Name: Darren Thomas Ball

Resides: Leicester, UK

Date of Birth: 26/01/1980

Marital Status: Living with fiancée with two young children Ellie and Alfie

Profession: Bodybuilder and gym owner

Gym: Daz Ball's Extreme Gym, 4a Storage Street, Leicester LE3 5GR

Tel: 0116 2425008

Background: Semi-professional football (soccer) from 16 to 20 years of age for Ilkeston Town. Started weight training at 15 years old to help size and strength for football. Started more serious bodybuilding 20 years old in 2001.

2001 EFBB Leicester – First Timers - 2nd place

2001 EFBB British Finals – First Timers – didn't place

2002 EFBB Leicester – Intermediates O80kg - 2nd place

2002 EFBB British Finals – Intermediates O80kg 6th place

2003 EFBB Leicester – Heavyweights O90kg – 3rd place

EFBB British Finals – Heavyweights – didn't place

2004 EFBB Leicester – Heavyweights – 3rd place

2004 EFBB Mansfield – Heavyweights – 2nd place

2004 EFBB British Finals – Heavyweights – didn't place

2005 EFBB Leicester – Heavyweights – 2nd place

2005 EFBB British Finals – Heavyweights – didn't place

2006 EFBB Leicester – Heavyweights – 1st place

2006 EFBB British Finals – Heavyweights – didn't place

2007 UKBFF South Coast – Heavyweights – 1st place

2007 UKBFF British Finals – Heavyweights

2008 Oslo Grand Prix, Norway – 2nd place

2008 Lithuanian Grand Prix – 2nd place

2008 Belgium Hercules – 1st place

2008 UKBFF British Finals – Heavyweights – 2nd place

2008 Euro Elite Hungary – 6th place

2008 Euro Elite Lithuania – 9th place

Short Term

April 2009 Oslo Grand Prix, Norway

May 2009 UKBFF Body Power overall winner

October 2009 UKBFF British Finals Super Heavyweights O102kg and overall winner and be awarded pro-card for IFBB

Long Term

Take the IFBB international scene by storm and win Mr Olympia... several times!