Andy Palmer The "Man of Steel" 


Height Weight Best Lifts:
5ft 8 1/2 inches 14St 6lbs / 202lbs Power rack deadlifts 501 lbs for 14 reps without a training belt!
T-Bar rows 275 lbs for 30 reps
Incline flyes 100 lbs Dumbbell's for 20 reps


Andy is a firm believer in the Heavy Duty training philosophy. His workouts are brief consisting of of very few sets. Andy has trained this way for the past ten years, up until August 2000 he averaged around 4-5 sets per body part excluding abs and calves, they averaged about 2.In August Andy reduced the volume even more, so he now averages 1-3 sets per body part. He now trains 2 days a week, using a two way split as follows: Monday) back, chest, shoulders, calves. Thursday) triceps, biceps, hamstrings, quads.