IFBB Pro Troy

Troy "Duracell" Brown - IFBB Pro

Troy Brown IFBB Pro

Stats: Height 5ft 6 inches
Off Season Weight 18St 2lbs / 252 lbs
Biceps: 20.5"
Chest: 48"
Thighs: 30"
Calves: 19.5"

Best Lifts:
Bench press 396lbs/180 Kg
Dead lift 616lbs/280 Kg
Squat 528lbs/240 Kg
Bent over rows 352lbs/160kg for 8 reps

Why do you think this guy has so much density?!!

IFBB Pro Troy "duracell" Brow hits a side tricep shot

Rising star Troy Brown - 2006 UKBFF Heavyweight and overall champion and now IFBB Pro - Britain's latest weapon to battle the top American pros! Aptly nick named "Duracell" by his training buddy and fellow IFBB Pro Harold Marrilier. Troy is known as Duracell due to his iron will and never say die training attitude, he just goes on and on like a Duracell battery!

Titles gained so far:
Gravesend classic heavy weight and overall champion 2005  
Two time UKBFF heavyweight west midlands champion 2005-2006

Troy is available for guest posing, seminars, and photo shoots. He can be contacted via this website, by emailing him at: info@british-bodybuilding.co.uk